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General tips for flashing your BIOS

This tips is intended to be shared to all computer user who wishes to update their bios

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to AC power and the battery is fully powered.  If your battery is weak and cannot hold power, you must connect your computer to a UPS.  Otherwise power surge will kill your computer.

  2. Copy the bios file and flashing executable in local hard drive.  Do not put it in the USB flash or USB stick.

  3. Always use a fresh installation of computer when upgrading bios.  It is safe.  However if your system is not fresh and you don't want to reformat it, it is actually pretty safe to do so as the chance of loosing data in a failed bios update is near to zero, provided you did not RAID your hard drive.  However any update failure might put your data inaccessible, especially on RAIDed hard drive.

  4. Turn off your antivirus as some antivirus software might interfere with the process.

  5. Disconnect your computer from any USB drive and from the network as your antivirus is now offline and I believe a virus attack is the last thing you'll ever wanted during a bios update process.

  6. And most importantly, you need to set your bios into upgradeable.  The setting is accessible from your bios menu, please read your motherboard documentation for more detailed information.

That should be it!