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File size comparison of doc, docx and RAR compressed doc, ZIP compressed docx

Just in case you don't notice about the size efficiency of docx document on Microsoft Word 2010, I had .doc on a rar compressed file.  It is 658 KB on size, after extracted to .doc the file expands to a whopping 6.7 MB in size with 27.364 characters, 5.822 words in 30 A4 pages and a lot of pictures. 

Then I convert the file to .docx to check if the new format saves and to my surprise the newer .docx format manages to reduce the size of the file to 664 KB.  I tried to compress the docx format to zip, and the size reduced to 648 KB.  Not worthy the zipping process.  Next, I compress the file doc file to zip and the size reduced to a little shy of 4 MB. 

Now comparing the size of RAR, zip, doc and docx, I would prefer to use docx over RAR and zip.  Why?  It is not worth the hassle in saving the 6 KB and 16 KB by zipping or raring the file.  I don't test compressing docx to rar since I have no rar archiever software here.  The rar software is not free and I don't want to pay them just to show how they compress things.  For un RAR process I use this free unrar software here.

So the it came to a conlusion that docx document does not need to be compressed, as it might already been compressed.  Also do not compress mp4, mpg, avi, mov, mp3, wmv, wma, jpg, bmp, png files using rar or zip or 7zip or any unversal compression program.  The size reduction is marginal that it not worth the compression time.

Compressing mp4, mpg, avi, mov, mp3, wmv, wma or any other movie or music files should be done by changing codec (may or may not degrade quality) or bitrate (degrade quality).  Compressing the bitmap or tiff files should be made png if you need to preserve all of the details, however if you don't need all of the details, use jpg but the quailty will degrade. 

So, are the compression software died?  No, they won't be dead as we need to compress text files, archive databases and especially larger propietary files such as photoshop image (psd), CorelDraw CDR, Autocad DWG. However we don't need to use compression software as often as before in this internet age, most file is already compressed and will benefit a little from the process.  I prefer zip over rar since ZIP is built in into most OSes and can be read almost anywhere for free.  Rar extractor, altough free, requires a download.