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Adobe Flash is Dead

I got a news on Adobe's Flash, it is dead.  Adobe has stopped its support to build flash for mobile device.  This is great, today they stopped flash for mobile device, tomorrow, for all computer.  Who needed flash anyway when HTML 5 is available?  Flash, ate much processor resources, with our without hardware acceleration enabled.  Also it use a damn lot of memory.  They must be downloaded and installed seperately (the download includes browser toolbar too! wasting bandwidth) and they cannot be indexed in search engine.

I believe the reason why flash playing process uses so much power of your processor lies on the very basic algorithm, which is, I don't know, but I suspect inefficient.  Therefore despite the hardware acceleration and advanced processor, playing a flash content still uses a lot of processing power on par with processing power of 3D gaming.  I believe there just a way of playing a flash content with lower processor usage.

The main weakness of flash are: they cannot be indexed by search engine and they slows down user's computer by much.  Clogging processor and memory.  I don't know how to reduce the processor usage and memory used by flash player.  A complete rewrite to the flash player might be a solution, rewriting and optimising all the algorithm.  This sounds lame, but doable.  This article about eight queens problem on Wiki might help you to understand my believe.

Eight queen problem is an computationally expensive problem with 4 billions of possibility and 92 solution reduced to 16 million possibility.   Not bad, altough still much.  Further refinements are possible, just, people need to think and solution somehow did not appears.  It is not my place to talk about Adobe's Flash programming and algorithm, since I've never saw their code and algoritm.

Flash content's poor indexability also bring your website to the very end of search engine's result.  This made more and more web developer switches to a more modern apporach of HTML 5.  HTML 5 is viewable on all platform, down to the very first generation of browser and mobile browser (as long the website administrator did not put HTML 5 exclusive codes).  With older browser the newer functionality of HTML 5 just not work, but the content are all visible making your website looks ugly while still readable in any computer.  Flash in the other hand will leave nothing on the screen when displayed on a computer without flash player. 

Something must be done with the flash to make use better processing algorithm to make it faster.  Plus don't forget to add sophisticated indexing capabilities to a flash content, otherwise no one will use flash in 2015 for web usage.  In short, that was the reason why I don't use flash for my website and my company's website.

PS: what I mean by computer is any device that can compute including mobile phone, PDA, iPad, Android, laptop and desktop computer, mainframes and human!!  FYI, human specialising in computing the trajectory of an artilery weapon was called computer in back at World War I.