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First I would like to say thank you for the computer masters anywhere in the world for not disturbing me and my site. 

This page consists of PDA, Computer and Programming tips.  Although I have a Computer Science Degree, I did not guarantee that my tips here are fail proof.  Therefore I can't be held responsible of any data loss.

I strongly encourage user who attempt to perform this methods below to backup their data.

In these links, I put tips on using computers, PDA, programming and web tips.  I choose to use easy to understand (not too technical) language, so any average person knowing a little knowledge about computer can understand this page.

On this page, I put my answers to commonly asked question on computer.


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Interesting IT facts:

  • Did you know that there are more internet users in Indonesia compared to Australia, Malaysia and Singapore?  How do I come to this conclusion?  It's easy, few days ago there is a news on TV that states Indonesia has 34 millions or so internet users.  That number already surpass the population of Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. 
  • Did you know that a there are lot of open source project on the internet uses name from Indonesia? 
    • Gamelan project, gamelan is a traditional music instrument from Java.
    • Jakarta is a city name in Indonesia.
    • Java is an island in Indonesia.

What is the most advanced OS?

This is one of the most common question asked to me.  I'm not sure, since there is no way to compare them directly.  And there is no definition as advanced.  But IMHO its Vista.
Why Vista? This is my comparison:
I got a Vista machine, XP machine, XP-x64 machine and a Leopard machine.
Then I compare the Vista and Leopard machines (both are the latest OS from its vendor):
I test the OS's the way I use my machine, not technical.  Remember: your needs are different here
These are what I test for:

Picture editing: I can put Photoshop (I prefer to use Corel's product, but Photoshop is the benchmark for image editing software) on both Vista and Mac. Its draw here.

Email and Web browsing: Both can do it very well, no big drama.  its a draw here
Website designing, both can do it, and both have free software.  its a draw here
PHP writing: I can write a script in Vista before I find a PHP interpreter for Mac, Vista wins
Then I wanted to connect to the internet: so I plug in my Huawei 3.5G wireless internet,
both did not recognise it! its a draw! - update: I've find driver for Huawei E220 for Vista, so Vista wins 0.5 points here

Coding software: same with PHP writing, most of the case I can't even find the needed compiler, so Vista wins
Playing game (sometimes I needed too): I can win a stage on a Vista before finish configuring mac's bootcamp.  Vista wins.
Emulating OS: Vista can't emulate Mac as Mac do emulate Vista. Mac Wins.

Security: both offer EFS and login password, it is enough for me and most people. so its a draw here.
Virus & malware: Vista alone is more prone to attack compared to Mac (since Vista got more enemies).  I will install antivirus and anti malware, the free one, and they are good! Then the virus threat is reduced.
There is only one antivirus for Mac, and its bad! Once your mac is attacked, its done!   I consider it is draw for today, I don't know when more and more people creates viruses and malwares for mac.

Music listening: both excels in entertainment fields, its draw a here.

Stock trading: sorry again for mac users, my stock broker only has Windows version of the I can generate 10% profits before setting up the bootcamp and buying + installing another version of windows there.   So one point for vista

The conclusion is : Vista wins in 4 round, and Mac wins 1 round.

Sorry for mac fans, but this is the truth!