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The Windows Curse: The Plague of Windows 8

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History told me that odd numbered windows, or in this case Windows which was released in odd year is more successful than even numbered Windows.  This has no relation to the stability of the Windows, as the Windows is just unsuccessful.

Warning: this is a myth I made. Do not trust on this as I made this just for my holiday fun.  The list was not intended to be exhaustive, I include only the major version.

  • Windows 1: released in 1985 and highly successful.

  • Windows 2: released in 1987, I was too small to usw Windows 2, but I believe it was successful

  • Windows 3: released in 1990, known as notoriously unstable

  • Windows 95: released in 1995 unstable and gave you two choices: love it or hate it, but everyone is jumping in Windows bandwagon highly successful and considered as success

  • Windows NT4: released in 1996 unstable when it was released due to graphic driver glitch (surprisingly by all manufacturer, that is why this is a curse)

  • Windows 98: unstable but usable, when Bill Gates showchase PNP feature on WIndows 98 by plugging a scanner at Comdex, the Windows 98 crash

  • Windows Me (year 2000): no one I knew use Windows Me, hated by people

  • Windows 2000 (year 2000): no one I knew use it, however for me this is the most stable windows ever, I use it from year 2000 to 2005

  • Windows XP: the most successful windows ever, widely used for more than 10 years after released

  • Windows Vista: released in 2006, and everyone hate it. Slow, buggy and unstable.

  • Windows 7: released in 2009 successful

  • Windows 8: to be released in 2012. Judging from the windows curse that plague previous version of Windows, I believe.

So, now you believe me that odd numbered Windows is better than even numbered Windows just like Startrek Movie did?  If Bill Gates believes in this myth, I guess would be a better idea if Microsoft release Windows 8 in January 2013 compared to December 2012.

Anyway, will Microsoft go out of business if the Windows 8 fails?  Not in the next 3 years, as their business cycle is 3 years, so they can do whatever they can until 2015 to release Windows 9, and if Windows 9 fails, chance are higher that there will be no more Windows.