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Food priceThe Jakarta FloodLapindo MudEnergy crisis

If I was the president, what would I do?  If you have any idea on what will you do when you are the president of Republic Indonesia, please tell your idea by filling the forms, and I will put it here. 

The form is available on the page where each problem that Indonesia face located.

Do not disgrace others on this page.  I will first censor and will not accept any SARA related and disgracing other's writings here.  Hopefully this page will become inspirations for us sometimes in the future.


Indonesia has faced several problems that is unsolved at this moment.  You will be the President of Republic Indonesia, and your task is to solve those problems.

You, the President, are to write idea on how to overcome this problem without introducing more problems.

The detailed implementation will be carried by your minister.

Good luck Mr President!

Food priceThe Jakarta FloodLapindo MudEnergy Crisis

What Indonesian call Indonesia

This is what the Indonesian call our country, it might be funny, but they are real!  I'll put more when I remember, now I could only remember 6 of them.

  1. Tanah tumpah darah -> literally translated to Bloodshed land
  2. Tanah air -> literally translated to water land
  3. Nusantara -> I don't know the English translation
  4. Repulik Indonesia -> the official name Republic of Indonesia
  5. Zamrud/Jamrud Khatulistiwa -> Equatorial Emerald
  6. Ibu pertiwi -> I don't know the English translation, I believe it is something like mother land.

Ultimate in diversity

How come Indonesia become ultimate in diversity?  What does it means?

  1. You can find a 1 million dollar Bugati Veyron shares a highway lane with a 30 years old, 1000$ Suzuki pickup.
  2. People earns as little as USD 1 / day to USD 1 Mil / day.  The government law states as per 2008, the minimum income of 2.2 USD / day! 
  3. Landed house price in Indonesia starts from USD 3000 / house (furnished), and you can easily find multi million dollars house.   More over, there are to multi million dollar condos! 
  4. And those condos located only few hundreds meters from the homeless living under the bridge.
  5. Land price here starts from USD 500 / 10000 m2 to USD 30000 / m2.  And that is not the cheapest & most expensive land available.
  6. Skyscraper forest, that become a huge swimming pool on rainy monsoon.
  7. And the people here, I knew someone dwells in a small house drives an 30 years old Piagio motorbike, but he owns at least USD 250.000 cold hard cash in one of his bank deposit!  While the ones who droves a brand new BMW owns nothing.
  8. While the society advances, cannibal tribes sill rules on remote areas!

I guess that is all about ultimate in diversity.

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