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I was born in Indonesia as Chinese descendent ethnic Hokchia

My grandfather from my father was born in FuQing (福清), China with Weng/Ang/ sure name.  There are not many of us bearing Weng sure name and that made me a member of an endangered clan.

However when he travel to Indonesia, Lin/ family asked him to bear Lin sure name.  That's why for this website I use Lin (Sony Lin) since Lin is simpler and easier to write.

On this page I'm writing the family tree from my Father.  I got this family tree when I travel to FuQing in 2006 to visit my relatives there.  However I need sometimes to write this here, since I'm having difficulties in decrypting the Chinese writing from my grand uncle :)

This list is incomplete and there might be some mistakes in here.  Please feel free to contact me if you have found one!

If you are related to our family, please feel free to contact me! I’ll add your name and keep your contact so we can keep in touch!

I highlight my name in this diagram.

family tree

Some of you might wonder why do I use Chinese character on this page? Because Chinese language is consistent. It has been around for thousands of years and only changes slightly. The latest changes occurs in 1970’s. On this family tree, I used mixed Traditional and Simplified Chinese language. I will write the pinyin or may be Indonesian/Hokjia later!

My mother was the descendent of Oei Tiong Hiam, I'm sure that some of the reader here will recognise Oei Tiong Hiam, but I don’t have her family tree. Well, when I have one, I’ll surely write it here.

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