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How to remove and defeat bad body odour!


This special report is delivered to help people who generates bad body odour.  For those of you who have problem with bad body odour, feel free to read this special report on defeating and removing body odour.


Some people just got really smelly as skunk, even after they bath in a herculean way, within 5 minutes the odour are back.  To make the matter worse, the odour is still exists even after applying heavy deodorants and perfume rendering the people smell really-really bad, as the body odour were mixed with perfume and deodorant.


Bad body odour are infectious.  If you stay in an environment with people with a bad body odour for some time (e.g. in a public transportation system), your body odour will be affected.  That's it, the bacteria that causes the odour on those smelly people airborne to your shirts, and infects your armpit causing your armpit to smell as theirs.  So it is not your fault, but it is other's fault. 

Testing method

I tried to bath using various types of soap available on the market, including normal soap, baby soap, anti bacterial soap, shampoo (armpits are hairy right?), feminine wash after I stopped bathing for 24 hours and taking public transport in this tropical climate.  I must smell pretty bad by then, right?

The test begin

Day 1: Normal soap did manage to remove the odour only for 30 minutes.  After a while the odour are back.  I needed to use deodorant to keep the odour under control.

Day 2: Baby soap is so soft that it did even not manage remove the odour.  After soaping, wash with water the smell are back.

Day 3: Anti bacterial soap manages to stop the smell for few hours, however they are back after few hours.  Good enough to stop the odour from bath to bath, however not enough to keep it away for 24 hours.

Day 4: Shampoo manages to dry my armpit and causes them to itch.  Not good as the odour are still coming back within hours and the armpit are itchy.

Day 5: Feminine wash manages to remove all the odour instantly, and stop the odour from coming back for 24 hours even without any perfume or deodorant.  Well, at least my girlfriend did not raise an protest after 24 hours without bathing.


There an easy tip to remove bad body odour quickly and effectively.  Use feminine wash!  Try to use the feminine wash just like using liquid soap on your armpit, and then bye-bye odour.  Just don't use it everyday since the feminine wash has different PH to normal soap, not suitable for our skin.  And I'm afraid that some of you will sue me because of an irritation, which is unlikely to happen, but do happens.

Well, my skin suffers from dermatitis a topical, which means very easily irritated, however those feminine wash did not manage to irritate my armpit.


Get a feminine wash if you are smelly.  If you boys are shy enough to buy feminine wash, try to steal it from your sister's or girlfriends.  Just don't get caught or you might get labelled a maniac!

That's all folks, I hope this will make you happy!

Emergency fix

If you needed an emergency fix, say when you rush into an important date, but you have no time to bath.  There is an emergency fix.  Apply a deodorant on the back of your neck, left side and right side.  Plus usual armpit.  This will eliminate your odour in seconds.