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Doctor vs Driver

There was a case of a team of doctor, led by dr Ayu who accidentally killed her patient back in 2010.  She and her colleagues are now jailed for 10 months.  Despite I personally felt 10 months was too long for them, since their intention is saving live but ended up in accident.  I still felt that she and her colleague deserves to be put in jail.  As a fair treatment to drivers.


Without the 'Jail' variable

There are similarities between a doctor and a driver.  Both doctor and driver begins with D and ends with R.  No, get serious...  Bot profession deals with people's life.  When a doctor made mistake, the patient might get harmed and possibly killed.  When a driver made mistake, he or she might get harmed and possibly killed and also harming and killing others!  Therefore we can always assume that no sane driver would wanted to be involved in any accident.  While doctor is bound by his or her oath to do whatever it takes to save a patient's life.  You can see which one is the stronger motive here, an oath or life.


Driver will have their life and people whom they love at passsenger seat and other stranger on road at stake while driving, while doctor will have their job at stake and a patient he or she barely know at stake.  By having those fact, we can assume that any sane drivers would drive their car more carefully than doctor treating their patient.  Of course a doctor can argue that they are professional, bound by their ethic code and oath.  Only if that was true, there would be no 27th November 2013 doctor strike.  Just read this article until it finished.


Reckless driver do exists on road somehow.  On a normal road with low stress level, they account for about 5% of the drivers on road.  As Mr Data is always amused by to human's attitutde to risk their live just by driving at unsafe velocities, there is always a chance for a doctor that is also reckless in diagnosing and treating his or patient.


Sample Case

Imagine a driver who are driving at 100kmh in a toll road.  The driver was driving a good car with a set of brand new tyres.  However just out of the sudden the tyre sidewall ruptures and went kaboom.  The driver of course, naturally, doing all his or her best to steer and slow down the car safely.  However the car was somehow went out of control, flips over and jumped to the other side of the toll road and slamming several other cars and killing 5.  The driver somehow survived crash but his passenger was died.  Unless the driver was Mr Rasyid Rajasa or Mr Dul, I can assure you that the driver would be detained.


Such accident rarely happens, but it does!  Possibility is 1 in 10 millions, may be.  Whose fault?  I can't tell, since it was an accident that is unpredictable too.  If the driver does not steer and brake the car, the accident would still happening and people are killed too.  And the driver would still be jailed!


Ms Ayu just did the same thing, she tries to help Julia, her patient labours, but things went wrong.   Whether her procedure was right or not is not my place to discuss here.  I have no expertise in medical field and I don't know what really happening that day.  However what I know is she is killing people due to accident while doing her action.  Did she not do the procedure, Julia would die anyway and she might get sued for different case.  Julia was died because of emboli which was unpredictable, according to a quote of dr Prijo Sidipratomo on this article.


In the driver's case, the accident was unpredictable as well.  Both of the case was involving an accident we all don't want to happen.  If the driver was jailed therefore it was fair for Ms Ayu and her colleagues to be jailed.  If Ms Ayu escape jail, then something is wrong with our law system.  I guess law book needs to be rewritten then.




The jailing process of dr Ayu and friends would cause doctor to treat the patient more careful.  As millions of new driver's licence issued every year in Indonesia.  Thousands of doctor will graduate from medical school as well.  They will be more careful in diagnosing and treating their patient.


Only a handful of people would be afraid to be a doctor as only a handful of people is afraid to drive.


Also, please check this link of what is really happening there.


PS: if Ms Ayu escape punishment, these are the consequences

  1. Every other accident related killing must be freed from any punishment too when every other driver is striking!   
  2. Doctor will practice recklessly since they can always blame on accident to escape punishment. 

So never ever let her escape the punishment.


If you are doctor and you are angry in reading this, you are more than welcome in retaking your medical school.


More words

How to read this article: driver will not do emergency braking since her or she afraid other car rear ended him or her!  The people writing it was not toughtful!  Accident by not doing anything.  The doctor who are not helping patient.


We are all aware that doctor got their own limitations, they can't guarantee whether the patient will life or not, or even simpler: they could not even predict the effect of any given medicine given to a patient without prior knowledge of a patient.  Death and life is outside of our domain.  All a doctor can do is to help patient to delay their death and return to a good quality of life.