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A bath soap that can alleviate Dermatitis atopic itch

I suffer Dermatitis atopic on my skin.  Well, it is not deadly but, very uncomfortable and irritating.  The skin reds and rashes and then becoming very itchy.  They are everywhere, on my arm and legs.   


I'm looking for cure for years in Australia, Indonesia and China, however there is no cure for the disease.  Once the rash got removed, it is coming back to me out of nowhere.  Antibiotic is no help as the problem is caused by my own body’s immune system reacting to soap.  All I can do for years is by constantly applying steroids to keep the rashes under control.  However as I know steroids are not good as my body starting to adapt for it and the efficacy becomes less with time. Therefore I was looking for a replacement.  I don't want to use another steroid as might adapt to all kinds of steroids and I might not be able to use them in case of an emergency.  


Then I experimenting with different brand of soaps and it turns out that antiseptic soap are not a good replacement.  The more potent the antiseptic properties of a soap, the more itch it causes.  The cleaner the soap, the itchier my skin.  From now own, don't let clean feeling left by antiseptic soap fools you.  Antiseptic soap is actually cleaning and wiping all beneficial essential oil and bacteria of your skin making your skin vulnerable to itching especially in dry climate.  


So I tried to use different approach: switch to a milder soap.  Feminine wash works fine but it makes my body smells like, er, you know it, plus people will label me a maniac.  Baby soaps also fine but stills, made me smell like a baby.  They are not an option.   


Therefore I was changing soap every now and then looking for the best soap that stops my itch, some of Dove's soap works although some itching still occurs.  Until once upon a time, a friend of mine introduces me to Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower and it worked. I got my itching are reduced.  I often experienced 8 spots of itches now there are almost no itching spot.  The milk and honey soap uses all natural ingredients, very mild on skin, does not dry skin and low on fragrance.  It simply does not have a large number of irritant in it.  Moreover, only a small amount of Milk and Honey is needed for a shower.  I use a tube of 200ml for a month and a half, two showers a day.  Way less compared to ordinary bath soap.  


Although this article might look like an advertisement, it is not an advertisement.  This article is my personal experience with the product as a DA suffering guy who is trying to tell fellow DA sufferer on how to reduce the itch.  Your experience may vary as I don't do any scientific research to back this claim.  However I believe it is worth to try the product, only IDR 75.000 a tube.  Compared to the steroid that I often use, the product is cheaper and of course the most important thing is the improved quality of life that you might get.  Also it is not a sin to spend small amount of money to try that soap right?  I can assure you that allergic reaction are less likely caused this soap as my skin are highly sensitive, and there is no allergic reaction that happened.  


If you need a sample, you can message me on twitter @sonylin, and then I will ship the product to you for free (Indonesia, one time only and for limited amount).  If it worked on you, you can always join us at Oriflame.  If you hate MLM and only wanted to use the product yourself, you can still order from me and tell your story of the Milk and Honey to me.  Also don't forget to tell fellow DA sufferers about the Milk and Honey so they can have a better life.  


Anyway, only Oriflame's Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower can reduce the itch.  Their Discover Santorini and Borneo could not do much.  If you wanted to join Oriflame and order Milk and Honey Gold Moisturising Shower, please open this page at and register yourself.  It is my friend's page, a leader in Oriflame who introduces me to milk and honey soap.  I highly recommend you to join Oriflame.  


What is good about joining Oriflame is you can get some of your cash back when you reach certain level.  In my case, I got free soaps and toiletry every month just by referring to two friends a month.  And despite of my level of income, I do still love freebies.