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How to be an 'online experts'

Internet is the source of information.  Collaborated by billions of users, from both reliable and unreliable source.  Some user are qualified to talk on the subject and some are not.  there are so many people called online experts, which most of them positions them self as an expert, however they are not always qualifies.

Some of the online experts are real experts, however only a handful of them are real experts.  If you are lucky enough however you might met a professor who worked on the field, however, most of the time online experts might just be a 9 grader student, or even an people who are not qualified but wrote their own opinion.  Worse, they asked everyone to agree with him and will debate others to death when the other had different opinion.

To give you a more information, for once I encounters in a forum, a people of so called online experts trying to dumb others about laser technology.  His source of knowledge was Star Wars almanac.  I almost laughed out loud when I saw his post (it is almost always men, and rarely woman).  His post is just like an childish writing without scientific background, and moreover his arguments are pointless and not backed up by scientific research.  FYI, I have been working with real laser technology for 3 years, and I was working with a real laser engineer.  Laser cutting I know a good deal of information about laser machinery, how to operate, fix, assemble and deploy laser cutting machinery. 

What is needed to be an online experts?

  • A good writing skill, courage, and will to tell other of what you think. 
  • A good researching skill.  Well, if you have no money to spent, you can always open Wikipedia or other websites as your reference.
  • A lot of friends are needed, as you can share your opinion.

Most online experts are a fresh starters on the subject who got excited with all the things on their particular matter.  To get a kick start, you will need a bunch of magazines and tons of websites to read.  Then you can be one.  Well, for example to be car's online experts, you will need to read 12 issues of recent car magazines plus some websites such as or  However to understand how the car's engine really works, how to fix a car's engine and more, you are going to need a 4 years bachelor degree on Mechanical Engineering plus few years of experience.

Differentiating an online expert to a real expert

Only find a website who do research on their own.  I do my own research to test my own car.  I compare cars fuel consumption by really driving and spending a lot of money on the test.  I own my review car, or at least I lend and drive it by myself before I came to my own conclusions.  However it is still my experience and conclusion, yours may be different. 

See the background of the website owner.  You can take my words on computer, business management, and laser technology.  I worked with laser technology for 3 years and still working on it, more I study double degree in Management and Computer Science in a 4 years world class university course. 

As a warning, please do not take my word seriously in photography as I'm a self learner.  The professionals out there had no time to chat in a forum.  They are out to take picture.  If they waste their time to chat on the forum, they will made no picture, which means nothing to sell.  That concludes to no money, and no food.

To believe an online expert you will need to know about their qualification, their jobs and their works.  You can see I'm not qualified in photography as I have no degree in photography, however if you see love to see my pictures, and you wanted to learn from me, then feel free to follow my advice as I will wrote more of them.

That's all that needed to be said!  Enjoy surfing the net, enjoy reading my site, and enjoy looking at my pictures!  Just be careful when referencing from the internet!