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Bad weather shooting

Sometimes weather just does not friendly to us, photographer.  Less experienced ones prefer to do photo shots on nice whether with blue sky.  However sometimes good photograph come from bad weather such as heavy fog, cloudy and rainy day, or even volcanic dust.

When captured properly, bad weather will bring stunning image, especially when the lightning is exotic like when the sun is rising or setting. 

This is the key in bad whether shooting:

  1. Remember the mood that light bring.  This are just rule of thumb, follow your own imagination
    • Bluish colour will make things looks cold
    • Reddish colour will make people believe it is sunset
      • But be careful, red will make things looks hot!
    • Yellow colour will make a warm impression
    • Green will make us feels at home
  2. Shot at the highest ISO that you feel the noise is acceptable.  Why use high ISO?  On a dark day, camera tends to increase expose time.  High ISO will reduce exposure time, which will reduce shake that is introduced by your hand.  We will have more chance of sharp images.
  3. Shot in continuous shooting mode.  The exotic lightning happens only for few seconds, so every shot count!  One shot might not be enough, take at least three or four shots and pick the best one later.
  4. Do not use tripod!  Contrary to popular believe to use tripod when lightning is low.  Since exotic lighting happens only for few seconds, you will waste your time in setting up the tripod right and and you would miss many shooting opportunity.
  5. Tripod will also make your movement and manoeuvre less flexible.
  6. Use IS/VR if you have.  They are good in helping to reduce the camera shake!
  7. Clouds and fogs will make God's ray to appear that looks very cool!  Moreover clouds and fogs will works like giant diffuser screen!
  8. Be creative: try to experiment by using different picture control/picture style on the camera.  This will make the image looks unique!
  9. Be patient: the best light come unexpectedly!  Be on scene at least 1/2 hour before the approximate sunset time, and then choose some best angle!  When the light comes, just take the picture from those best angles!
  10. Protect your camera from rain!  You don't want to ruin your camera only to take one picture right?  Anyway using tripod will slow your running speed you when the rain is coming!


This picture was taken on a very bad rainy day, complimented with fogs and thunders in Magelang.  To me, this image looks stunning.  LOL.  However one thing for sure is I can't took this picture without my girlfriend's help.  She is the one who asked me to climb the mountain at that day.  You can find this picture on my gallery.

My friends and family are stunned by this picture, they always asked me where do I get the picture, and how do I get that.  Most of the time people taught that it was my camera that can took that kind of picture.  Well...  I admit if I use a pocket camera, I could not get this picture.  But the most important things here is the lightning.  Compact just can't cut that kind of dark lightning.  It will either produces a blurry image due to vibration or overly noisy image.

That is one other reason why do I get an SLR.