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Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 review

This is the last lens of my lens trilogy that I need.  This lens is an ultra wide lens, with 10mm to 22 mm field of view, equivalent to 16mm to 35 mm on a full frame camera 35 mm.

A big lens
one a big lens

This is one a big lens.  With a filter diameter of 77 mm, this lens was not only heavy, but also big.  Comparatively, this lens is even bigger than my EOS 400 D, and about as heavy!


It is not for the faint hearted, you will see world in an entirely different way compared to your eyes.  Your room will looks wider and more spacious, corners and angles will be distorted and this lens can focus in a very close distance, about 5 cm in front of the lens.

This lens is not for portrait and shall not be used for portrait, since this lens will exaggerate the distance between people's nose, chick and ear, therefore rendering people's face funny.  Trust me, your girlfriend won't be happy with this!

EOS 400D + EFS 10-22
EOS 400 D + EF-S 10-22

Another perspective of this lens and my camera.

To take it to the extreme, you can make a winning shot of a giant brown bear (grizzly bear) with this lens.  Set it to 12 mm, then when the bear is in attack position shot a few cm just in front of his chest heading his chest and face. Showing his arm about to hit you, the photographer.

Then print this image 2 meter tall, and this image will make the viewer on a situation and made the viewer feel about being hit by the giant bear.

There will be a great possibility that the shot is a winning picture.  However due to the great risk involved, I don't think is not worth the title.  Therefore I recommend you to shot a stuffed one, instead of an alive adult male in breeding season.


On my camera, lens focuses quickly and accurately.  However when things get dark, the lens sometime did not focus correctly.

Thanks for the ultrasonic motor, the only noise I've heard are from the gearing, this lens is very quiet and a world difference to my rude EF 50mm f/1.8.

Flare and ghosts: my tests reveals no flare and ghosts are visible.

An interesting note about this lens, on some f stop, the depth of field is almost unlimited, which mean almost everything on the image is on focus.

That's why it needs to be properly used, otherwise this lens will produce a flat and boring image similar to what a pocket camera produce.

The 10-22mm lens has a slow F number which made this lens unsuitable for action in low light.  Action in daylight, this should be OK I believe.  Moreover, ultra wide lens works like magic in slow exposure.  Ultra wides can be shot hand held at an very slow exposure while yields an reasonably sharp image.

This image below was taken using exposure time of 2 seconds handheld by leaning my hand on the toll bridge.  It wasn't that dark, however I deliberately underexpose this shot so I can have light lane at F/10 in an evening. 

Commuting Home Light
Commuting Home Light

This picture below was taken above an unused toll bridge under a beautiful sunset.  Please note that the sun looks so small and the street markings and cars looks elongated here.  That's due to the exaggerated distance difference created by the wide angle lens.

Average Jakarta Tollway
Commuting under sunset

Sorry for the ugly pictures, since I'm also learning to use this lens.  I actually plan to bring this lens and my EF 50 mm lens to Seaworld in Ancol, however I was stuck in bed just after I bought this lens.  I wish I can make some real images with this lens ASAP, and give more comments based on real world photography, instead of synthetic testing.

EF-S 10-22 mm and onboard flash

This lens made my onboard flash effective only from 17 mm +.  Wider angle will result in a flash shaped blot of light in the middle of an image.  Even at 17 mm, the flash couldn't illuminate the whole image, therefore some darkness do exists on the corner of the image.  That is my flashes effectiveness, which is only as wide as 17 mm equivalent to 27 mm on a full frame 35 mm.

wall under flash @ 10
a wall under flash @ 10 mm

Can you see that at 10 mm, the lens shadow blocks the flash.  To use flash at 10 mm - equivalent to 16 mm on a full frame 35 mm - I will need a better (read: bigger and heavier) flash, such as Canon's EX 430 II, which is quite big and expensive.  It's a big no-no to have a big lens and a big flash attached altogether.  The whole system would exceed the 1 Kg mark and I hate it.

a fair comparison
a fair comparison

A fair size comparison between the camera and the lens.  Just imagine attaching a big flash above the camera which will make it looks even bigger.  I prefer to use a smaller Canon's EX 270, which is designed to work at the widest setting of 28 mm.   I guess I'll have to borrow somebody's EX 270 flash to try with this lens.  As long as the image did not show the shape of the flash, some vignetting is OK for me.

I captured a real picture with the EF-S 10-22 at 10 mm and onboard flash.  I used the flash as a fill flash here.  These are the result.


A slight shadow is cast on the frame, however it was not really distracting.  It was on the middle of the image, where the 'c' on my copyright note located.  If the onboard flash works like this, I guess the EX 270's extra height could make the EX 270 works well with this lens and stops the lens from casting its shadow.  I really need to try it on real photography, not just shooting a blank wall.


This lens is sharp, even in the corner.  Please see the image below for your reference.  He is the original Merapi Valley resident, one of the most dangerous place on the planet.


My cousin's nose picture.  See his skin that is very sharp.

Evil Roy's Nose

Ghost and flares

Some fares do exists when you point it to a strong source of light.  This happens especially when the light source is on the side of an image.  Please see the weird shape of the street light on the left hand side.  I believe that is called Sagittal Coma Flare.


This is an image of a typical Indonesian middle class neighbourhood.  It was shot handheld at 1/2 seconds exposure time without leaning into something.  Wide angle lenses are magic, and still sharp even at a long exposure handheld.  That's why IS are not needed with wide angle lenses. 

The image below shows that anomaly more clearly


This image was a crop from another image, which I move closer to the street light to capture more detailed image.  It shows the flares and weird halo shaped on the street light circle.

I'm really worried about this, since I'm new to wide angle shooting and I really don't know about wide angle shooting.  So I'm afraid that my image will contain a lot of this kind of lightning.  Well, let see how do I learn wide angle shooting, then I can judge whether this kind of anomaly is a real problem or not. 


This is not a cheap lens, and Canon did not play cheap on this lens.  The EF-S 10-22mm is well made from sturdy plastic, metal filter thread and ass gasket.  This lens's zoom mechanism hides on metal lens barrel, therefore this lens almost using internal focusing. 

Covered with a Hoya HD hardened filter, this lens and its zoom mechanism had a perfect protection against dust and physical contact.

I got this lens for Rp 6.775.000,00 plus Hoya HD filter all for Rp 7.525.000,00 discounted.  A good price, the USD exchange rate is at 10.200 which means I got this lens only for USD 665.  I have checked other place both online and offline, the lens alone could costs Rp 6.850.000,00 to Rp 6.900.000,00.  Moreover the lens I've bought is not from gray or black market.  It is covered by official Canon warranty.

I buy this lens from Wijaya Digital, which is located in ground floor of Mangga Dua Mall.  You can pay them a visit or call them at +62 21 6017045.  They take order by phone anyway, and the contact person is Ferra.  She will be more than happy to give you discount even if you forgot to ask.

FYI, about 6 month ago in February or March, I saw somebody sold this lens costs as much as Rp 8.400.000,00.  Therefore when I find such a bargain, I couldn't resist to buy it.  Since this lens is rare and has such a good build quality.


This lens will be assigned with Hoya HD hardened filter as my primary wide angle lens. 

Sample pictures

Lebaran Family Holiday was taken on our big family holiday and serves as a test bed for my EF-S 10-22mm lens. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this lens.

Additional information

Made in Japan, the same with my camera.

Shipped with AF set.

This lens is rare and hard to find, at least in Indonesia.  I guess probably due canon is moving production to other country such as China, Taiwan or Malaysia.  Another possibility, Canon wanted to introduce a new model, however I'm not going to wait for the new model.  This lens posses an excellent performance, newer model will probably more expensive and means longer waiting time, which translates to less photo opportunity.

Unlike my other lenses, I find no dirt or crack of whatsoever inside this lens.

Picture info

One a big lens: was taken using Panasonic Lumix at wide angle, therefore the lens looks really big dwarfing the camera.  Well, taking a wide angle lens picture in wide gives an impression of a real wide angle.

EOS 400D + EF-S 10-22: was taken using Panasonic Lumix at ISO 800.

A fair comparison: was taken using Panasonic Lumix from above to give a fair comparison between the lens and my camera body.