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Making a story telling picture

Sometimes there is a nice picture that is only nice.  It might be technically perfect but boring.  That is because the picture did not tell any story.  I've made four pictures of the same mountain on on the same day, only in different time and location.  On this article I'm trying to give you comments on how do I look at those pictures and what people's impression on those picture.

Example 1

The picture on the left picture manages to show the volcano surrounded by forest and mist.  I admit it is beautiful, and I like it.  However it could not show that it is a real volcano that is tall and huge.

A volcano is tall and huge, and the photograph should show it.  However this picture shows the volcano as if it is floating on the middle of mist.  Therefore we could perceive that the volcano is small. 

Although I've cranked the saturation to +4, the colour is still pale.

Example 2

The picture on the left manages to show a fiery volcano that touches the sky.

However the picture somehow could not show that the volcano is huge.

Cropping can make it looks better, but only with reduced resolution.  The colour rendition is fine but not excellent.

As I could think the picture is quite nice to be hang on bedroom.

Example 3

The picture on the left shows the very top of the volcano, it's crater's surrounding that is bald.  Why bald?  May be because of the recent eruption in 2006.

This picture's point of interest is also unclear, the smoke the green mountain or the bald crater.

However it could not manage to show that it is a fiery volcano, due to lack of smoke.  Some people might think that the white smoke on top of that is cloud, not smoke.

The colour rendition is excellent, very vivid blue and green.  Some of my friend loves this picture.  I love it as well, since it is nice.

Example 4

In my opinion the picture on the left is very attracting so that you can even imagine many things from that picture.

The quite detailed texture of volcano's valley covered with the fog that gives impression the volcano is tall.  Its texture and shape shows that the volcano is hard to climb.  Cropping manages to show that the volcano's tip fills 80% to the top of the frame and its body is filling the frame therefore giving more impression that the volcano is huge and tall.  In addition smoke shows that the volcano is active and waiting to erupt, although all of us hopes that it won't erupt.

This picture has sufficient colour saturation and the purple sky is very eye catching here.  The purple sky gives an enchanted, something magical feeling about the mountain.  Well, local folklore says that some enchanted creatures resides on the mountain.  Please click the picture to see the larger 600 x 800 version of it.

The purple sky was made using twilight picture style with saturation +2.

The final choice of the image is off course all yours, but my personal preference is example 4.