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The Secret of Portrait Picture Style

A little bit about photography, now I knew the secret of pink sunset.  It was easy, really easy with my camera.  It took me years to find out the secret.  It was the picture style.

I used to take picture at landscape wtih saturation set to maximum that causes the colour bright and vivid, however I've never noticed that I loss some details in the image.  Until that fateful day I saw the sky was pink and when I capture the sky, the pink colours registers as orange on my camera's LCD.

Suddenly I remember that once I was experimenting with Portrait picture style on my camera to snap picture of Asian.  I'm Asian, and we got yellow skin.  However portrait picture style renders our skin pinkish.  Then I tried to capture the pink sky with portrait picture style at saturation to maximum, and viola, the sky is pink. 

The picture below demonstrates the effect.  The difference was clear, what should be pink sky is pink in on picture taken with portrait picture style.  The picture was taken taken only seconds apart and they are not edited nor colour corrected.  Well I crop the images anyway.

Landscape Picture Style
Portrait Picture Style

Moreover Portrait picture styles can capture better detail compared to landscape picture style, especially in highlights.  You can see that there are more detail in the highlight on the picture on the right.  Take a closer look at the cloud texture, there are more textures on the images taken with portrait picture style.  The cloud was pink too :)

Landscape Picture Style
Portrait picture style

Now it depends on your taste to choose the portrait or landscape picture style, since they yield different result and I believe it was clear that one should choose picture style not based on the subject, however depending on how the photographer wanted the subject look.