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Taman Safari Indonesia October 2009 Trip

Several gray kangaroos imported from Australia were now in Taman Safari Indonesia.  I'm unsure whether the roo could survive Indonesian climate, but I'm sure they will.  Unfortunately they are still under quarantine and only vet are allowed to visit their exhibit.

From the information I heard that the roo manages to pass their quarantine and free to visit now.


I took two picture of this bird, one very sharp however with eyes closed and one somewhat blurry with eyes open in a consecutive burst.  Then I clone the eyes from the blurry picture and combining with this sharp picture creating this perfect looking picture.  It looks so natural since the eyes belongs to the very same bird.  See if for yourself.

No colour editing and sharpening were applied.

a flightless bird

Macaw loves to play cute, and they loves to kiss their spouse.

Playing cute

There are two macaws, that started this.

Then they ended up with this.

I'm unsure if these macaws doing French kiss are from their nature or they did it because they are follow from people doing this.

White rhinoceros is a very difficult to breed animal.  This image below is not about colour, not about texture sharpness and not about the animal.  It is all about composition.  I feel this image is almost perfectly balanced.  It was cropped. 

heavy weapons

Rhinoceros's heavy weapons are lethal.  Although they ate grass, their heavy weapon can kill a lion in one fatal strike.  Their armour is very hard to penetrate and in nature, only an elephant could hurt a rhinoceros.


Picture had some unique properties.  It's composition.  Even in thumbnail size, composition and colour is the only thing that attract the eye of a viewer to open the image larger.

More pictures are coming, hopefully soon!