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Wish list

Wish list is and article filled with my wishes, sometime silly.  So this page seems somewhat cranky and funny.

I wish I can find Compact Flash - micro SD converter. 

So I can take picture, crop, and upload them directly to my gallery directly from my PDA.  (Yes, my PDA has a built in software to crop images)

The converter should appear like standard CF card, however it has an opening to put micro SD on it, so the data will be written on the micro SD.  I know this is very hard and possible crosses several patents and licences.  However creating CF-SD converter is technically possible!

Anyway, I'm going to China for business trip, and I'll see whether I can find one of them there!

I wish that Corel made Corel Draw and Corel Photopaint for PDA. 

Come on, this PDA have 300 MHz processor and 112 MB ram, 8 GB of storage.  Do you feel that specification familiar?  Well, at glance this PDA's specification is close to commoner's 1997 Pentium 2 class desktop PC. 

This level of performance more than the minimum requirement of Windows 2000 and with 16mb more ram, is conforms the minimum requirements of close to Windows XP.

Although PDA's processor has different architecture - ARM vs x86 on PC's and Mac's - I guess this PDA could take Corel Draw and Corel PhotoPaint (mobile) on it.

Anyway, ARM processor architecture usually run faster in doing arithmetic calculation compared to x86 processor of the same clock speed.

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